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If we offer online solutions, it is because there is usually some sort of problem. Internet continues to be a new world, not because of the time it’s been in our lives, but because of its changing nature. Internet evolves with the appearance of new devices from which we can browse (mobile phones, iPads, even TVs and video game consoles), new languages with unimaginable possibilities and new ways of interacting with users. Even Google has changed the way in which it shows its results.

These changes not only impact our own way of browsing the net, but, more importantly, they affect the way users browse YOUR website. This is why Imagen Consulting offers a comprehensive service based on “predictive powers” which we’ve acquired by making no less than 400 websites for companies all over Spain and, in particular, in Marbella and Málaga; some very well-known ones, others addressed to very specific segments. We’re talking about online shops for companies, corporate websites for self-employed people, about online marketing campaigns for organizations or about a simple promotional email

Redes Sociales Turismo

Con el auge y explosión de las redes sociales, el Patronato de Turismo de la Costa del Sol inició varias...
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