Corporate Videos

Corporate Videos

We specialize in creating maximum quality videos for companies

The new interactive and digital media and the connectivity options provide us with new direct and spectacular channels to help our customers sell their products and services.

We give you 10 clues to produce a good Corporate Video:

1. Try to find the right length of the video
One of the most common mistakes is making the company video too long.
2. Invest time in analyzing the video contents
Meet up with your team and identify your company’s goals.
3. Study the videos made by your competitors
Before hiring someone, study the videos published by other companies to be able to compare and choose.
4. Find a good Copywriter
A professional copywriter has all the expertise required to develop a good script for your company.
5. Only shoot what is really important
Don’t waste time on useless minutes of film.
6. Ask for a detailed quote from your supplier
This will avoid surprises of what is or isn’t included.
7. Fix the deadlines with your supplier
To make sure that the editing doesn’t become a…
8. Use real-life language
If you want your customers to understand the message.
9. Use state-of-the-art technology
The result will be much more professional.
10. Post-Producción
Don’t cut back on MotionGraphics, you’ll make a difference.

Promotional video editing and production for Bioammo Technologies

Promotional video editing and production for BIOAMMO, company specialised in biodegradable ammunition. We have used some motion graphics to show the...
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Video for PechaKucha Night in Málaga

We made this video for PechaKucha, a company specialized in quick presentations of ideas, designs and projects. PechaKucha started in...
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Corporate video for Cervantes Printers

We produced this corporate video for Cervantes Impresores, a company specialized in professional printing since 1982. They wanted to promote...
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Presentation video for BMW Driver Training courses

Imagen Consulting made this presentation video for BMW Driver Training, adapted courses for different driving levels. BMW develops driving courses...
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Corporate Video for Marbella Global Service

Corporate video of Marbella Global Service, a building and decoration company specialized in the luxury sector. For the production of the...
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Corporate video for Cervantes Impresores

Corporate Video for Cervantes Printers. Founded in 1982, the company is distinguished by perfectionism, incorporating the latest high-tech machinery, expanding...
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