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Imagen Consulting has an enterprising, creative and experienced team made up of experts in advertising, design and marketing. We have a compact, agile and flexible structure, free of bureaucracy, based on direct contact with customers to provide them with the support they need. Every single one of us is special in our specific role and we complement each other, creating an efficient and direct link with each medium, customer and brand.

Human. Different experts in different industries, complementing each other to form a perfect machine with feelings. We are:
Multidisciplinary, professional, creative, serious, punctual, discreet, strict, hard-working, determined, experienced, organized, effective, charismatic, kind, polite, dynamic, open, friendly, frank, tolerant, independent, responsible, sensitive, communicative, accessible, patient, honest, affable and very good looking.

Dpt. Comercial



Borja Bellod


He doesn’t like the term “manager”, but that is what he does. He does everything. He answers the phone, gives his opinion, designs, leads and listens, and now and then, he escapes to find a lucky star to make ends meet.  He wrote the first definition of “enterprising” in the dictionary

Celia Pineda

Sales Accounting

Behind every great woman… there is always a group of men who need her to work like Swiss clockwork instead of a dilapidated hourglass.


Violeta Díez

Sales Accounting

Method and perseverance, she easily focuses and captures the problem to turn it into solutions.
A fresh and different perspective.

Rosa Añon

Ohh Sales Accounting

She was born with a big smile in her face and nobody has succeeded in removing it. She loves photography. We look so handsome to her that she makes us some amazing portraits, despite not being photogenic.


Jacobo Novo

Creativity Director

He likes to take things in his stride. At his side, time seems to stop but draws on. He loves cats, but like them, curiosity will kill him. He needs to know how things work. He’ll take apart each project that falls into his hands, then he’ll put it back together and take it apart all over again.

Alfonso Prieto


As a boy, he swallowed the Windows key from his keyboard and, ever since, he’s hated anything to do with Microsoft. He will multitask and multiply efforts by ten if necessary to always meet the deadline.


Sergio Delgado

Graphic and Web Designer

Quiet and patient, you rarely see him annoyed by anything, his only vice is #SunnyDelight. … experience is a degree.

Jesús Pérez

Graphic and Web Designer

The fry of the group, its freshness and spontaneity do not quarrel with their desire to improve daily, is the color note to the experience of his classmates


Salvador Anaya

Graphic and Web Designer

Creative, methodical and in love with colors, your mind is a box of graphic surprises. The perfect mix between artist and communicator.

Belén Díez


To do justice to her surname (Diez = Ten), she loves numbers more than words.
Intriguing and mysterious, no-one ever hears or sees her, but we all know she’s there. Rumour has it that she’s a spy sent by our competitors.


Pilar García


Her keyboard doesn’t stop and her telephone is always in continuous use.
She is friendly and relentless, an explosive combination. She makes “art treasures” where figures flow in perfect harmony.



Disobedient and capricious, difficult to communicate with. Only understands English with a Taiwanese accent. It likes to dance and looks after the office –at least we think it does- when no one is there..

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