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With our feet on the ground.

We began by designing websites for visionaries 14 years ago. At the same time, we organized traditional advertising projects in Marbella. In those times, Windows was growing in the market, Dolly the sheep was born and Spanish cyclist Indurain retired.

Today, Imagen Consulting Design and Advertising has become a sound, structured and organized work team, which takes prides in its extensive technical and creative skills. We have gained experience from hundreds of customers and now we know the small keys to success.

Our work has a strong technological element and we like it that way, because we love technology. However, we do see our work from the same point of view as any other craftsman, who sees each job as a different problem with its specific solution. Therefore, each project is a unique piece and we like to see ourselves as advertising craftsmen.

Above all, we are publicists and that means being communicative, creative, accurate and upright. We use design and creativity as the best tool to ensure that the best ideas develop all their potential. We seek to ensure that all your company’s advertising material will communicate and spark off a lasting connection between the brand and product in the consumer’s mind.

We like to do marketing and communications with a highly creative approach, always seeking the most effective digital and traditional (offline) media to achieve the best results for our customers, always in line with their strategic goals.

We like to create needs and trends and, of course, think up what no-one has ever thought before.

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